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Counseling’s Importance in Addiction

Updated May 5, 2022 by Crossroads Recovery Center

Counseling’s Importance in Addiction
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Overcoming addiction is a major achievement, but unfortunately, recovery isn’t linear. Even after going through detox and learning to control cravings and urges, patients are still at a high risk of relapse.

Certain psychological and social factors can trigger a relapse, including stress, environmental cues and familiar social situations. Counseling is essential in avoiding these triggers and staying clean. A strong support system has been well documented as a key component in maintaining sobriety. Here at Crossroads, that’s just what our professional counseling staff provides— support. Our counselors are here to help patients escape their urges and manage whatever life may throw at them.

Through counseling sessions, patients will learn to work through and manage the underlying psychological problems behind their addiction. We know that the decision to seek treatment is not an easy one. By forming a relationship with patients, counselors can provide the necessary resources, support, and guidance that patients will need on their road to recovery. While this relationship may take time to develop, patients should eventually feel comfortable speaking freely during sessions, feel relief after appointments, and most importantly, feel safe to go back.

Our counselors do much more than just listen and offer advice. We will not only help you recognize the disease of addiction but also empower you to address the underlying cause behind your addiction to support real, long-term recovery. Need to talk? We’re here for you. Call our Baton Rouge 225-570-4968 or Gonzales 225-412-6774 locations. You can also text us at 225-955-2118 to schedule a consultation.


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